Blake Keller, PharmD

Chief Operating Officer

Briefly describe the path that brought you here.

As I was finishing my Doctor of Pharmacy program in Virginia, I was looking at a cardiology residency. As my wife became pregnant with our second son, however, God clearly was telling me to move from academia to the “real world”. I chose Walgreens as my first pharmacy home and was quickly promoted through various roles up to the Area Healthcare Supervisor in Charlotte, NC over 36 locations.

I was asked to move to Nashville in 2012 to join Walgreen’s newly acquired healthcare company that provided onsite primary care, pharmacy and several other lines of service. I was fortunate to lead operations for some of the largest employers in the country through what would become Premise Health. I left Premise Health in 2017 for a role as President of the North America division for a large, multi-national compounding pharmacy company. Through multiple conversations with the executive team in 2018, I clearly aligned to the vision at RxGenomix and joined as Chief Operating Officer.

What motivated you to get involved with RxGenomix?

Vision and a noble purpose. We know the current models of healthcare are, quite frankly, broken. Outcomes are poor and cost is high. When the rich science of pharmacogenomics is appropriately applied, coupled with an educated clinical team that is empowered with clinical decision support, they will achieve the quadruple aim of healthcare.

What is the one thing you most hope to accomplish with RxGenomix in the next five years?

I would like for RxGenomix to facilitate advancing the overall story of pharmacogenomics.

My vision is to make it easy on providers who are interested in pharmacogenomics by empowering them with clinical tools, robust analytics and talented pharmacist partners who demonstrably prove the value of pharmacogenomic testing. My goal is for RxGenomix to be viewed as the most optimal model in the industry, one that is both disruptive but also clearly capable of elucidating value for patients, providers and payors.

What’s your personal business philosophy?

It is quite simple–align incentives and do what is right, first and foremost by the patient. You build sustainable business models and strategic partnerships by ensuring everyone can look each other in the eye and feel confident that we are all supporting a noble cause that at the end of the day is working to enhance patient care in a fiscally responsible manner.

What’s the most surprising thing about you? Something we’d never guess.

I almost died of spinal meningitis when I was 13. I received incredible care at a large teaching hospital in Richmond, Virginia and it was there that I first saw care teams working together (doctors, pharmacists, nurses and staff) to care for individuals. That frail time of my life made an indelible impression on me, catapulting my fascination with medicine and the power of compassionate, competent and integrated care.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

My wife Kelly – she is the light of my world. She balances me, pushes me, encourages me, motivates me and is arguably the best human on the planet. If I could pick a second ¬¬– coffee. Because, well… coffee.

You have two weeks off. Where would you go?

I would take my family on a trip to the mountains, and the beach… a week at each. The Smoky Mountains and the Emerald Coast of Florida are among my favorite family vacation spots; they never get old.