Our mission is to provide personalized pharmacy care that gets people on the path to optimal health.

Why RxGenomix?

RxGenomix was created to help healthcare providers realize the potential of pharmacogenomics, giving them the power to tailor treatment to the individual like never before.

Empowering healthcare providers with this knowledge has several distinct benefits including more effective overall treatment, limitation or avoidance of adverse drug events, more efficient healthcare delivery and significant cost savings. The RxGenomix solution is a key strategy to solving for the Quadruple Aim. Everyone wins. That’s why we created the ExactMeds® program for effectively applying pharmacogenomic testing to clinical practice.

Building on a solid educational foundation with our 8-hour course – Pharmacogenomics: A Training for Pharmacists – we provide the education, training, materials, research and support needed for any healthcare provider to effectively apply PGx to their clinical model. Additionally, we also help pharmacists integrate PGx consultations into their practice as an additional reimbursed service.

We understand integrating any new clinical tool into your existing workflow is not without its challenges, so we expect enrollment in Pharmacogenomics: A Training for Pharmacists to be just the first step in adopting an ExactMeds® program and just the start of our partnership. RxGenomix provides ongoing support to pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals to help them navigate the changing landscape of healthcare delivery surrounding PGx. We’ve found the path to better healthcare.

Values & Culture

Our shared values, traditions, habits, practices and stories make up the unique organization that we are and that we are becoming. 


We promote an open and entrepreneurial mindset that challenges the status quo.


We genuinely care and are always ready to help someone in need.


We listen to those we serve and work collaboratively to ensure success for all.


We embrace all forms of transformative learning to help us reach our fullest potential and better serve our clients.


We uphold the highest standards and are unwavering in our commitment to deliver real value that advances healthcare.

Meet the Leadership

The RxGenomix executive team is composed of experts in pharmacy, medicine, medication therapy management, health care technology, health care administration, clinical and business operations, sales and marketing, as well as client strategy.

Together, they bring decades of passionate experience in healthcare and are aligned in their vision to create meaningful change in the lives of people every day. Learn more about each member of our executive team below.