Enterprise Solutions

Are you an employer who wants to provide the best care possible for the people you depend on? Or a benefit provider looking to implement forward-thinking strategies to reduce costs? RxGenomix can help you build a program that uses data analytics to focus your healthcare dollars, integrates the healthcare team into the process, and gives everyone in your care the peace of mind knowing their prescriptions can be personalized for them.

Population Analytics

For large groups looking to apply new strategies for controlling healthcare costs, RxGenomix can identify those for whom testing may do the most good and help you target your efforts. By evaluating current prescribing, our analytics can identify those most at risk for ineffective or dangerous medications, inappropriate dosing, and adverse drug reactions.

Healthcare Resources

To make sure PGx testing is applied as well as possible, RxGenomix requires the involvement of an ordering provider and a PGx-trained pharmacist. We work with providers already serving the group, provide additional support when necessary, and also have a network of PGx-trained pharmacists to draw from to help provide a total solution.

Applying the Results

Getting the results interpreted by pharmacists trained in the science is an essential step toward making improvements in prescribing. As the medication experts in the healthcare spectrum, a PGx-trained pharmacist can work hand-in-hand with the ordering provider to create the best care plan for each individual.