Population Analytics

Most medications on the market today were developed with population-level testing methods, but pharmacogenomics (PGx) gives healthcare providers new insight into how to prescribe the best medications at the right dosages, based on each individual’s genetics.

RxGenomix has created a proprietary suite of tools that can help you turn claims data and/or health records into critical insights such as:

  • Population-level financials
  • Estimated return on investment
  • Potential genetic risks
  • Drug interaction risks
  • Presence of FDA black box warnings
  • Lifestyle risks
Risk Stratification

By using our tools to analyze an entire population, we can help you identify the individuals at higher risk for intensive medication therapies or other treatment – those for whom a personalized pharmacy program could do the most good – and help you help them.


With employer spending on healthcare continuing to climb, RxGenomix can show you the estimated benefit a testing program can have on employee healthcare spending overall.

FDA Warnings

Dozens of medications already have PGx information in the package labeling, including several ‘black box warnings’ urging that anyone taking that medication have a pharmacogenomic test to confirm its safety and effectiveness.