We’re making connections for better prescribing.

Connecting the entire care team
The RxGenomix Hub makes it possible for the entire care team – pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners – to share information and work together for the benefit of the patient.

Easy online ordering for providers
For registered providers, ordering new tests is quick and easy.

Clinical Decision Support
A comprehensive clinical decision support tool is a core component of the RxGenomix Hub. Pharmacists and prescribers can evaluate multiple medication options and combinations within the dynamic tool and evaluate which is the best personalized prescribing plan.

Easy access to patient info
Patient reports and the pharmacists’ consultations will be available through the Hub. Providers can access them prior to a patient encounter or contact the consulting pharmacist with questions.

Capturing results for future care
Since an individual’s pharmacogenetics won’t change, results are stored for the physician’s future reference in prescribing.

Putting Data To Work for You

Population Level Analysis

The RxGenomix Hub can intake your company or group’s essential data and return a risk stratified list of those for whom testing could do the most good. This reporting allows groups to prioritize their efforts to increase the health of their population and reduce overall healthcare costs

A Deeper Look

With the essential data, RxGenomix can help you dig deeper into ways to improve prescribing across the population by identifying potential genetic and drug-drug interaction risks to inform personalized prescribing.

Calculating Return on Investment

For employers and benefit providers, the Hub can provide population-level financial impact reports derived from one of the largest databases available. With this, groups can access an estimated return on investment from adopting a testing program within their specific population.

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

RxGenomix takes your privacy very seriously and only collects the information we need to help your healthcare providers (including pharmacists) make the best decisions possible when it comes to prescribing medications for you. All PGx tests facilitated by RxGenomix utilize DNA collected by a cheek swab. From this sample, we provide a test report accessible only by healthcare providers authorized and involved in your treatment.

For detailed statements on our privacy policies, please review our complete policies:

If you do not agree with our privacy practices, please do not submit any information to RxGenomix or use our services.

Built with Security in Mind

RxGenomix has built a system with the utmost security in mind. Our system has undergone rigorous security testing from third party experts and our policies and procedures have received independent validation through a HIPAA compliance certification from the Compliancy Group.

In the course of business, we work with third-party vendors and other entities. Information shared with these parties is limited to what is necessary for them to perform their services for us and each party is held to the highest standards of data security and HIPAA compliance.


RxGenomix has developed a comprehensive clinical decision support tool that allows for rapid review of pharmacogenomic results, and alternative medication recommendations.  Pharmacists are able to contemplate numerous clinical considerations including genetics, disease state, lifestyle factors, drug-drug interactions, medication cost, and Beer’s list criteria. Pharmacists create a Medication Action Plan (MAP) detailing therapeutic change recommendations to the patient’s care plan. MAPs are then delivered to the patient’s treating provider as part of a collaborative consultation between the provider and a PGx-trained pharmacist. 

RxGenomix will collect some key information about you, such as age, ethnicity, biological sex, history of certain health conditions, your medication history, and information about your physical and mental health, wellness and lifestyle.  These are all used to help create the best medication plan for you. Click here for a full statement of our privacy policies.

Yes. Your DNA won’t change, so your results today will be stored securely and could help inform treatment decisions for years to come. The DNA sample itself will be destroyed according to all applicable laws and regulations. For our full privacy policy, click here.

No. After the lab has completed the analysis for our PGx panel, all material samples will be destroyed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We will only retain the data set related to your pharmacogenomic genes, not the source genetic material. For our full privacy policy, click here.

Current testing and reporting includes no more than 45 genes out of nearly 30,000 in the human body. We are only looking at the genes that have a known impact on how your body processes medications.

We may disclose your information to others involved in your care, including healthcare providers, laboratories, bioinformatics partners, the health system or clinic where your own provider practices, and other providers that you or your healthcare provider have designated to receive your information. Click here for a full statement of our privacy policies. 

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