Healthcare Providers

Expand your resources to make prescribing personal.

RxGenomix can connect you to everything you need to start a program that helps you tailor prescribing to the patient with a minimal time commitment.

Improve Patient Care
Effective prescribing could be one of the most challenging aspects of your practice, but also one of the most critical. Looking inside the individual’s DNA could be one of the most valuable things you do to prescribe the right medication at the right dosage.

Gain a Trusted Partner
Pharmacists are the experts in the medication spectrum and can be a valuable ally. RxGenomix can help train and support your partner pharmacists or connect you to PGx-trained pharmacists, either of which can help you navigate the testing and reporting process.

Provide a Differentiator
Personalized medication therapy is not the standard of care…yet. Adding a forward-thinking diagnostic tool could give you and your practice a differentiator for anyone looking for a physician who is uniquely able to provide a truly personal treatment plan for them based on the best evidence available.

Questions You May Have

RxGenomix has built a Personalized Medication Hub which agnostically integrates through a secure API with the healthcare ecosystem. There are numerous Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications in the marketplace, each requiring a nuanced and unique approach to integration. RxGenomix is committed to an exceptionally high level of data security and, as such, each integration is contemplated on a case-by-case basis. Over time, RxGenomix will continue to scale its interoperability strategy for rational data exchange. 

Once you are registered and approved as a provider by RxGenomix, you will be granted access to the RxGenomix Hub, a secure online portal for both accessing test results and clinical decision support tools.

RxGenomix has a network of pharmacists specifically trained in applying pharmacogenomics. We also offer a thorough training program for pharmacists, should you have a particular pharmacist you’d like to involve in your program.

If you are a healthcare provider interested in offering testing to your patients, contact us today at (615) 814-2911. We will work together to determine your needs, answer your questions and send you more information. This includes pharmacists, MDs, DOs, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners.

Additional Information

Our cutting-edge technology solution gives us the ability to exchange health information and provide clinical decision support in real time. Test results are stored for the long-term, giving providers and patients the ability to reference medication insights across the entire healthcare system for a lifetime.