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Finding the right medications for an individual based on their unique genetics makes truly personalized healthcare possible for individuals, healthcare providers, benefit administrators and employers.

Why it Matters to Us

Half of all medications may not be right for any one individual, all due to their unique genetic profile. Using ExactMeds to find the right medications right away could make a life-changing difference in how long it takes to get effective treatment, how many trips to the doctor or hospital it’s going to take, and the quality of life along the way.

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Every year, adverse drug events (ADEs) cause approximately 1.3 million emergency department visits and 350,000 hospitalizations, totaling up to $3.5 billion in excess medical costs. Without genetic testing, individuals may see 2x outpatient healthcare visits, 3x the medical absence days and 4x the disability claims. It’s time to do better. 

More Solutions

RxGenomix has solutions for individuals and for enterprise-scale programs to help everyone live healthier lives.

RxGenomix’s pharmacogenomic reports include genetic health risk information that has not been reviewed by the FDA. The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic service leverages advanced genotype data to identify clinically relevant variants via patient saliva DNA for the purpose of understanding one’s health risk via medication utilization. The ExactMeds® program is not intended to diagnose any disease. A patient’s ethnicity may affect the relevance of each report and how one’s genetic health risk results are interpreted. Information delivered via the ExactMeds® service is not intended for a patient to independently act upon a medical decision, but rather to inform and provide the genetic risk information to share directly with their licensed provider.  The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic reports are not intended to tell a patient anything about their risk for developing a disease in the future.  

The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic service utilizes genotyping data to identify medication risk factors for the purpose of reporting and interpreting to inform discussions with a healthcare professional.  The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic report provides certain information about variants associated with metabolism of some therapeutics and provides interpretive drug information regarding the potential effect of those medications. 

Warning: Pharmacogenomic test results should not be used to start, stop, or change any course of treatment without consulting with a patient’s provider. The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic service is not a substitute for an appointment with a patient’s healthcare professional. For important information and limitations regarding pharmacogenomic testing, please visit: How Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Works – RxGenomix