PGx for Individuals

Failure rates for medications we depend on can be as high as 75%. Genetic factors account for up to 95% of this variability. 

RxGenomix was created to help pharmacists and other healthcare providers use pharmacogenomics (PGx) to make sure the right medications are prescribed for each individual, based on their own unique genetics. This testing speeds the time to achieving therapeutic benefit, reduces unnecessary medication use, decreases the chance of side effects/dependency and reduces the need for more intensive care.

A simple cheek swab sent to a diagnostic lab can look at up to 27 specific genes that affect how your body processes medications, predicting an individual’s response to more than 300 medications, including many of the most common.

Pharmacogenomics can be particularly effective for people who are:

  • taking multiple medications
  • not seeing the expected benefits of a particular medication
  • taking cardiac, psychiatric or pain medications
  • experiencing side effects
  • preparing for surgery