Employers and Benefit Providers

Healthcare costs growing again? Personalized prescribing can be the key to lower overall healthcare costs for employees and benefit recipients.

Putting data, analytics, testing and education all to work for each individual, ExactMeds® can help get patients on the right treatment path and achieving optimal results faster.

Population Analytics

Our analytics tools can take your healthcare data, help you focus your efforts on who could benefit most from testing, and produce a potential return on investment drawn from one of the largest databases available. Analytics for one group of retirees in the U.S. showed 83% taking medications with PGx implications and, through testing, a 63% rate of recommended medication therapy changes. After implementation, the group saw a 29% reduction in hospitalizations and 18% reduction in pharmacy expenses.

Implementing a Program

An ExactMeds® program can help any group or organization access and put pharmacogenomic testing to work for them. We have established lab relationships, a network of pharmacists, an in-depth training program, and a variety of marketing and support tools to help any program succeed for employers, benefit providers and other groups.

Real Results

By integrating pharmacogenomics-trained pharmacists, we make the connection between the healthcare providers and the medication experts and put that expertise to work for you. This application has been shown to save an average of more than $5000 per year for patients diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety, as well as increasing productivity and presenteeism in the workplace.

Questions You May Have

If you are a benefit provider (employer, insurer, third-party administrator, etc.) we can help you start a program for those you serve. Contact us at (615) 814-2911 and we will work together to determine your needs, answer your questions and send you more information.

The RxGenomix population analytics tools can take the prescribing and healthcare claims data and turn it into actionable intelligence for a pharmacogenomics program. The tools will allow you to stratify your population and identify those for whom testing could do the most good, and produce an estimated return on investment.

No.  Federal congressional regulations, most notably the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA) prohibit employers from accessing patient-level data or using genetic information in employment and health insurance decisions. Where RxGenomix is engaged with employers, data is de-identified and aggregated to ensure compliance with law and patient-level data protection.

Additional Information

Our cutting-edge technology solution gives us the ability to exchange health information and provide clinical decision support in real time. Test results are stored for the long-term, giving providers and patients the ability to reference medication insights across the entire healthcare system for a lifetime.