Take the lead in making prescribing truly personal.

Pharmacists are one of the most underutilized resources in healthcare. By adopting an ExactMeds® program to apply pharmacogenomics to patient care, you can help improve the lives of your patients and generate additional revenue for your practice.

Improve Patient Care
Your patients come to you for the prescriptions they need, but most may not know all you can offer. By adding PGx testing to your practice, you have an opening to review their medication usage, start a conversation and add a whole new level to the care your provide.

Elevate Your Status as a Healthcare Provider
Starting with the 8-hour Pharmacogenomics: A Training for Pharmacists, you can add to your expertise and become a trusted resource for interpreting pharmacogenomic test reports and creating concise recommendations for personalized prescribing. We’re here to help you claim your place as the medication experts.

New Business Model
Adding a new expertise to your practice can also translate to adding a new service line. RxGenomix can show you how to add pharmacogenomic counseling to your service offerings and be reimbursed for it through ExactMeds®.

Additional Information

Our cutting-edge technology solution gives us the ability to exchange health information and provide clinical decision support in real time. Test results are stored for the long-term, giving providers and patients the ability to reference medication insights across the entire healthcare system for a lifetime.