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Protecting your business, your employees and your customers from COVID-19.

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of American life. It’s clear that both proactive screening and quick and reliable testing are going to be primary weapons to stop the spread, invaluable tools in bringing our businesses back to life, and a way to help us find The Right Way to Return to Work. RxGenomix is here to help every step of the way.

We provide pooled (surveillance) testing, fast and reliable COVID-19/SARS CoV-2 testing, consultations with healthcare providers and advice on how to keep everyone around you safe and healthy. We can help you keep your business open safely and in a way your employees and customers will know you’re doing all you can for them.


We will make sure the ordering, sample collection and shipping process is easy and safe.


Our partner laboratories will process the sample and return results as soon as possible. Learn more about testing options.


Our healthcare providers will discuss with each patient their results and the steps they should take to help stop the spread of infection.


We will report on the overall results of the program, tracking program adoption, compliance and aggregate test results.

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More Information

RxGenomix has partnered with accredited laboratories to order and provide diagnostic testing either approved by or authorized for use by the FDA*. Identifying who is actively carrying the virus that causes COVID-19 is going to be a critical step in treating the individual and limiting the spread of the disease.

RxGenomix uses the less invasive nasal swab testing method for diagnostic testing, collecting a sample just inside the nostril. The nasopharyngeal collection method involves a swab extending several inches inside the nasal cavity to the back of the nose and throat. Results are available as soon as the same day and all samples are processed within 24 hours of arriving at the laboratory.

As soon as they are identified for testing, each patient will receive clear guidance on steps they should take to limit the risk of infecting others, presuming they have been infected with the virus. Following each test, the patient will receive notification of their results in a timely fashion. All testing positive will be contacted by a healthcare provider for a virtual consultation where they will have a thorough opportunity to discuss with the healthcare provider a wide range of steps they should take to safeguard their own health and limit the risk of infecting others. They will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that concern them.

RxGenomix is actively monitoring current guidance from relevant regulatory agencies and can help advise you as to how employees may return to work safely and how you can protect the health of your customers while reopening your business. RxGenomix will work with you to communicate the testing program to your employees and educate guests and customers on every precaution you are taking to keep them safe and healthy. We will also support your internal efforts to educate and protect your employees for the long-term.

An antibody test looks for the presence of specific proteins made in response to infections. This can be helpful in determining who has already been exposed to the virus, and may be resistant to infection again. Antibodies can be found in the blood of people who are tested after infection and show that people have had an immune response to the infection. It typically takes 1 to 3 weeks after someone becomes infected with SARS-CoV-2 for their body to make antibodies (sometimes longer). The CDC is careful to point out that, while some evidence has shown the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies to provide short-term immunity to subsequent infections (a few months), we don’t yet have a clear determination what level of antibodies would be necessary to provide that protection or how long that immunity would last.

Learn more about available testing options

Operating businesses safely and conducting some of the testing options we have available will require some personal protective equipment. From N95 masks and face shields to full coverall gowns, RxGenomix can get you what you need to stay in business and protected.

As new information becomes available, this page will be updated. Please check back or contact us with questions.